Visit Ailo’s kindgom

Posio is an idyllic town at the foot of one of Lapland’s most iconic fells, Riisitunturi. Many scenes from the movie Ailo’s Journey were filmed in the National Park surrounding this fell.

The big spruces clad with a thick coating of condensed frost create a scenery that is something out of this world. It is the combination of heavy snowfall and humid conditions that create these magical forests. These photogenic white woods have inspired the slogan of Posio: Magical Lapland.

Courtesy of MPR Matila Röhr Productions – Ailo’s Journey

The endless landscapes and snowcapped forests have also inspired many artists. In fact, Posio is well known in Finland for its unique tradition in ceramics. It dates back to 1970’s when a housewife called Anu Pentikäinen started pursuing her passion in ceramics and other handicrafts. She sold her ceramic candlesticks in a gas station in Posio and by chance these products caught the eye of an art enthusiast stopping by at the gas station. He bought all of the candlesticks which encouraged Mrs. Pentikäinen to pursue her passion even further. Gradually the brand Pentik was born. Nowadays it’s very well known in Scandinavia.

Anu Pentik Gallery is one of the attractions in Posio

Even though Posio is situated in the midst of Magical Lapland, you don’t need ruby slippers or an enchanted mirror to travel here. From Posio, from Ailo’s kingdom, it’s only 65 kilometers to the nearest airport (Kuusamo) or 135 kilometers to another one located in the capital of Finnish Lapland (Rovaniemi).

From our travelers we often hear that visiting Posio has affected them in ways they didn’t expect.

“Being here, seeing the pristine, unspoiled nature and experiencing true silence has changed my idea of what good life consists of”, said Jia-haur Liang, a Taiwanese artist who has visited Posio two times already.

And it’s not only the spectacular nature but the people of Posio and their way of life that make a very strong impression. Like in the home of reindeer Ailo, people will greet you with open arms and make sure that your stay is unforgettable.

You’ll notice that Posio is not your typical touristic destination in Lapland. We keep it small here: there are more reindeer than people living in Posio and all the travel businesses are family owned. Entrepreneurs in travel work closely together: for example dishware used in restaurants like Tapio or Himmerki come from the local ceramic factory or from a local artist. The restaurants also use mainly local ingredients like fish, berries, mushrooms and wild herbs.

There are many ways to experience our magical town but to make it easy for you we’ve put together a few exemplary holidays:

Follow in Ailo’s footsteps in Magical Lapland

Meet reindeer, ride with huskies, hike in the magical fell of Riisitunturi and dine in a cozy restaurant situated deep in the forests of Lapland.

These adventures and many more are offered to you by Naali Lodge and Himmerki

Naali is owned by Catherine and Thierry Chevillard. They are passionate about Lappish nature and culture. They are Parisiens but reside now in Posio. They offer you super service since they only host small groups at a time. You only need to hop on a plane to Kuusamo or to Rovaniemi! The Chevillards will take care of you during the rest of your trip. They’ll pick you up from the airport, give you full board and take you to all those wonderful adventures listed above. So if you’re looking for a vacation in winter wonderland, away from tourist masses, this is definitely your place!

At Himmerki you’ll also be greeted with super hospitality. Owners Reijo and Helvi Lantto, Finnish couple passionate about nature, local history and travel, will greet you personally at their high quality holiday village located on the shores of a spectacular lake Kitka. This lake is famous for its abundant fish and unbelievably clear water. It is also known as the largest spring in Europe. In the holiday village you’ll stay in cozy cabins or luxury villas and experience the magic of Lapland with ease and comfort. Just ask for an offer!

You can also book this winter holiday in Himmerki through this tour operator.

Live like a local in Ailo’s hometown

Do you want to spend a longer period of time with Ailo the reindeer and his “parents” Manne and Christina Mourujärvi? Just ask for vacancies at their beautiful place situated deep in the forests of Posio.

Or do you want to live like a local in this unique town surrounded by spectacular nature? In Posio you’ll have a chance to go ice-fishing with a local guide or fishermen, do ceramics with a local artist or learn how to pick wild herbs from the near-by fields and forests.

Miki Kim teaching ceramics at her studio in Posio.

You can ask for these programs from all the accommodators. Here are a few tips on how to customize your own Live like a local -holiday:


1. Rent a car from the Kuusamo airport or from Rovaniemi airport and begin your journey to Magical Lapland.

2. Book your accommodation from Aneen loma or from Lapin Satu

Aneen loma is half-hour drive away from the center of Posio to the direction of Oulu. Aneen loma is named after the village Anetjärvi – name that also belongs to the lovely couple who own the place. They are called Simo and Irma Anetjärvi. You can stay in a beautiful cabin just beside Simo’s and Irma’s farmhouse or rent a villa situated on the shore of a beautiful lake. Since this is a live like a local holiday, make sure that you stop by in a market in Posio (there are two) and buy your groceries before heading to Anetjärvi. You’ll have a well equipped kitchen at your disposal but you have to make your own breakfast and also other meals if you don’t want to travel to the restaurants close to the center of Posio.

Lapin Satu is situated on the shore of lake Posiojärvi, just 2 kilometers from the center of Posio. Almost all of the rooms have a view on the lake – overall this cozy hotel offers great value for your money. Besides beautiful and comfortable rooms it has a great restaurant.

3. Customize you own program or let us at the Travel Association of Posio do it for you. Just email your wishes at and tell us where you are planning to stay and when. We offer you this service because some of the programs are provided by small businesses or artists that only do the programs on the side of their main job. They are busy being fishermen or artists so we’ll help them with scheduling. You can of course book these programs yourself: information about courses and contact information on our website.