Yes, it’s like Narnia! But the people keep it very real

Remember the scene where Ailo the reindeer is running in a white photogenic forest on top of a spectacular fell? It’s one of the most iconic fells in Lapland. Those big spruces you see in the pictures above, those clad with a thick coating of condensed frost create a scenery that is something out of this world. “Narnia-like” is what many or our travelers say when they visit the place.
And who are we? We are a jolly bunch of crazy northerners (Visit Ailo’s Kindgom) living next to this iconic fell in a town called Posio.

We are not your typical touristic destination where you’ll hear more English than Finnish and see plastic souvenirs of Santa Claus. We keep it small and very real here. For example, meeting the reindeer Ailo is very much like a pilgrimage: you’ll travel to a village called Mourujärvi and meet a couple to whom the reindeer, Ailo included, are family members. While you pet Ailo and his mother you’ll learn about their life and life of reindeer in general. The experience is very much in line with the movie.

In the sense of keeping it real we want to tell you that the landscape you see in the movie doesn’t exist as such anywhere in the world. It is the director’s vision. In our small town in Posio, in Finnish Lapland you won’t find big mountains but you’ll find spectacular fells, unspoiled nature and genuine people. Posio is sometimes called the hidden jewel of Lapland. Come and experience why.


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